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Who is Jaxon Pryce?

Jaxon Pryce is an alternative hip hop artist and model from Orlando, Florida. He grew up as a big fan of the arts and became a hip hop head when he turned 7. Jaxon has a strong background in poetry from his childhood and began writing music and performing at open mics by the age of 14. He came together with his brother, who's known as Hurting Murphy, to cultivate a sound that's unique to hip hop. His biggest influences include Jeff Lynne, MF DOOM, Lupe Fiasco, System of a Down, DJ Premier, and many others. JP has had multiple battles with chronic illness that have left him knocking on death's door. He uses the pain that he's experienced as a fuel for his fiery passion.

JP combines his baritone vocals and polished songwriting skills with his brother's production to make tunes that truly sound like no one else. Whether he's making you dance, think, or mosh, you'll know when it's a song by Jaxon Pryce.


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